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Butcher's Bundle

Think of our market as your neighborhood butcher shop; our Butcher’s Bundles give our customers back the spirit of this old-time tradition for the freshest cuts of meat around! Back in the old days, your local butcher would purchase a whole section of a cow in bulk to sell at his shop, limiting the shopper’s choices. While we aim for a community feeling and custom meat cuts like a neighborhood butcher, we want to provide our customers with variety in what they’re bringing home. Our Butcher’s Bundles contain combinations of beef, pork, chicken, and sausage, to offer more choices and greater possibilities! 

Our meat plans are set at their lowest prices possible so that we can pass the savings down to you. The most popular bundles are priced as low as $119 with family favorites, including a ‘health plan’ bundle containing leaner and healthier options. Our Butcher’s Bundles fly off our racks, keeping the meat selections as fresh as they can be! We have plenty of additional varieties and price points to suit your needs. Our customers are instrumental in helping us decide what to include and we keep an open dialogue with them to learn their preferences. 

Each Butcher’s Bundle is handled and packaged with care. To ensure pristine condition as they leave our store, each bundle is individually weighed, labeled, double-wrapped, and frozen for pick-up. Substitutions are happily accommodated with flexibility.